I explore the whole universe in search of answers. My artistic approach is global. I'm looking for the most appropriate way to express my emotions. I navigate between different media to create a dialogue. I took a picture walking for hours alone. I painted in the street and I carry on : the world my notebook of draft. I have an attraction for the areas that people leave behind: the mental or physical peripheries. I paint (oil or acrylic paint reused after they are left at the bottom of the garbage cans), carpets colourful, black only tattoos, comic strips, clothes, papier mâché sculptures, videos.

I have tested all kinds of media such as engraving, silkscreen printing, music software or 3D. And recently tufting, a technique initially used to make carpets. The road is long, I don't know my destination because I didn't take a ticket. I travel without fear of going out from the wagon because I have nothing to lose. I go back in time, I sample the history of dated art and mix it with my experiences of the 21st century. Claimed nostalgia for ancient techniques, great heroic destinies, the mystery behind the hill.... I explore the future but I promise I will only partially reveal to you what I saw there for you to be surprised....

My energy is overflowing but I am condemned like the Danaïdes to disperse it with my emotions, my questionings, my soul. In my exploration ( of the world and myself), it is therefore the gesture that takes priority. I'm going fast, faster still or I'm bored.

I try to make self-portraits in the middle of all the landscapes that the world has to offer me. But the light always changes so I start again and again and again. I repeat, what interests me is the path and not the destination.

On my way, I meet people, I mark the highlights ( by any means), I learn... in reality I sometimes have fun with gravity because for me it is the only way to accomplish myself....

“ En Bord de route ” - Acrylic on canvas - 130 x 195 cm - 2019

En Bord de route” - Acrylic on canvas - 130 x 195 cm - 2019

“ Paysage urbain ” - Acrylic on canvas - 130 x 195 cm - 2019

Paysage urbain” - Acrylic on canvas - 130 x 195 cm - 2019

“ Interieur jour ” - Acrylic on canvas - 146 x 114 cm - 2019

Interieur jour” - Acrylic on canvas - 146 x 114 cm - 2019

“ Composition florale ” - Acrylic on canvas - 89 x 116 cm - 2019

Composition florale” - Acrylic on canvas - 89 x 116 cm - 2019

“ Vase d’Ivry I ” - 20cm - Acrylic on ceramic - 2019

Vase d’Ivry I” - 20cm - Acrylic on ceramic - 2019