In 2011, Vincent and his friend Adrien created an art collective named RMF (Ready Made France).

Their first observation was that the urban environment was grey and depressive: pollution, cars, lack of vegetation... Their goal was to cheer people up, so they decided to spray color and happiness everywhere; surprise, intrigue and interact with pedestrians. Allow their imagination to escape out of their daily life. V2M is an artist versatile, he works with what is available and know how to adapt his style to the material he works with. We can also consider him as a sculptor. Powerful weapons : his colors, his happiness and his constant good mood !


Vincent de Mestral aka V2M spent most of his childhood in Lyon, France.

June 2013 – Scenography for the fashion event KULTE in Lyon, France
July 2013 – Stage design for Grolsch, Lyon, France
Sept 2014 – Scenography for Jagermeister with Vice Magazine, Lyon, France
Oct 2014 – Collaboration with Le Diamentaire, Paris.
-TRANSPARENCE- is a show which is gonna bring you to an intimate part of V2M's life. Since he has been travelling all around Australia, V2M has immersed himself into the different cultures and stories he discovered. All those things gave him a new wave of inspiration. "Transparence" could be an invitation to play "hide and seek" with V2M and his child soul...a long story. It could be as well about a simple effect or either a break in his life to show you the truth.