Exhibition Lucie Payoux March 19

Thanks to all of you for this amazing show from Lucie Payoux

Abyssal Tales

This exhibition presents the climax of assembling and composing diverse biological matter into supernatural microclimates on canvas.

Though each organism was originally chosen for their individual characteristics, during the production process they are isolated from their natural environment and introduced to a controlled digital climate through the use of 3D software.

This translation from biological entity to digital 3D-model is analogous to gene modification; characteristics are enhanced or effaced through selection.

Each digitally manipulated subject is then composed and artificially lit, thereby constructing a scene with reminiscence to landscape painting (scale and depth of space) and still life (internal relations) which is then applied to the canvas.

The production process constructs climates of tension where the boundaries of past/future and reality/fabrication are questioned in a Biological Science Fiction. Here the organisms conform to aesthetic fancies to constitute calm and colourful utopias.


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