Welcome to Julien Hernandez

Julien Hernandez (1993) studied painting and graphic design at the ERG (Brussels). It puts time and space under tension through the different planes that are emerging. The layers of paintings define well delineated planes, creating a play of confusion, which blurs the stages of his work (important issues in his practice). So that the notion of time becomes ghostly or reversed. Like the memory of a journey that has not begun but has already ended. In addition, there are elements that nourished his childhood. Memories are grafted onto the paintings like traces left in the memory that emerge arbitrarily. Lines, shapes and the use of tennis equipment represent this universe. It also draws signs and structures imprinted with the digital tool that is essential in our time, thus the notion of window, tabs and pictorial planes. An important place is given to error, the pictorial accident that leads him to new discoveries.