Solo Show - Matthieu Colarescu

Matthieu Colarescu, a young artist from the eastern suburbs of Paris, draws his main source of inspiration from the practice of graffiti.

Far from the classic routes, the artist shapes his canvases with an assured line, evasive colours, as well as by using different letterings.

Colarescu seems to pay homage to the first modernists, especially the cubists, to the Arts-Deco artists, while at the same time making a nod to Russian constructivism.

Through his varied influences he reveals paintings between abstraction and figuration.

We can particularly appreciate its quartered curves as well as its exploded patterns.

In his work, therefore, there is a fusion of geometry and the organic, to which must be added a pictorial treatment influenced by the iconographies of counter-cultures.

From his political commitments, he has immersed himself in the libertarian and antifascist aesthetics of the 20th century, from the illustrator Jossot to the posters of May 68, his paintings remind us of the immediate and powerful force of these illustrations.

In this exhibition, the Floating Crew wishes to highlight Colarescu's work and his architectural interest in the workshops of the B2A agency.