Exhibition "Le Mythe de la proportion acoustique" w/Antonin Gerson & Camille Coléon

Opening on Friday, November 9th from 7pm to 9pm at 11 rue Lesage 75020.

The plastic work of Antonin Gerson and Camille Coléon, from a technical point of view, is mainly characterized by installations, sound devices and performances. The artist duo questions how to transmit and archive the creative process, the action, in a methodological way, inspired by the codes of the scientific method. Which can sometimes be used as a subject and/or reference.

The Exhibition "The Myth of Acoustic Proportionality" is an experimental research around the three orders of Vitruvian's treatise "De architectura".

Using a process that blends the archaeological research of acoustics with its architectural proportions, artists attract us through the quest for the myth of the search for lost sound.

The various works will be presented in three parts essential to the order of the treaty,

"Formitas" representing the perennial strength, "Utilitas" representing the useful as well as "Venustas" representing beauty.

Through schematics, installations and performance, the artists take us through sound memory, its transport and the different hypotheses of architectural representation as to their evolution over time.

the Floating Crew offers a free hand to the couple of artists in order to appropriate the B2A Workshop.