It’s a pleasure for the Floating Gallery to promote the work of the talented french artist YMMOT

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Exhibition Lucie Payoux March 19

Thanks to all of you for this amazing show from Lucie Payoux

Abyssal Tales

This exhibition presents the climax of assembling and composing diverse biological matter into supernatural microclimates on canvas.

Though each organism was originally chosen for their individual characteristics, during the production process they are isolated from their natural environment and introduced to a controlled digital climate through the use of 3D software.

This translation from biological entity to digital 3D-model is analogous to gene modification; characteristics are enhanced or effaced through selection.

Each digitally manipulated subject is then composed and artificially lit, thereby constructing a scene with reminiscence to landscape painting (scale and depth of space) and still life (internal relations) which is then applied to the canvas.

The production process constructs climates of tension where the boundaries of past/future and reality/fabrication are questioned in a Biological Science Fiction. Here the organisms conform to aesthetic fancies to constitute calm and colourful utopias.


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Welcome to Julien Hernandez

Julien Hernandez (1993) studied painting and graphic design at the ERG (Brussels). It puts time and space under tension through the different planes that are emerging. The layers of paintings define well delineated planes, creating a play of confusion, which blurs the stages of his work (important issues in his practice). So that the notion of time becomes ghostly or reversed. Like the memory of a journey that has not begun but has already ended. In addition, there are elements that nourished his childhood. Memories are grafted onto the paintings like traces left in the memory that emerge arbitrarily. Lines, shapes and the use of tennis equipment represent this universe. It also draws signs and structures imprinted with the digital tool that is essential in our time, thus the notion of window, tabs and pictorial planes. An important place is given to error, the pictorial accident that leads him to new discoveries.


Welcome to Lucie Payoux

Lucie Payoux represents organisms who enters fictive compositions, creating climates of tension where the boundaries of past and future, reality and fabrication are questioned in a Biological Science Fiction.


Solo Show - Matthieu Colarescu

Matthieu Colarescu, a young artist from the eastern suburbs of Paris, draws his main source of inspiration from the practice of graffiti.

Far from the classic routes, the artist shapes his canvases with an assured line, evasive colours, as well as by using different letterings.

Colarescu seems to pay homage to the first modernists, especially the cubists, to the Arts-Deco artists, while at the same time making a nod to Russian constructivism.

Through his varied influences he reveals paintings between abstraction and figuration.

We can particularly appreciate its quartered curves as well as its exploded patterns.

In his work, therefore, there is a fusion of geometry and the organic, to which must be added a pictorial treatment influenced by the iconographies of counter-cultures.

From his political commitments, he has immersed himself in the libertarian and antifascist aesthetics of the 20th century, from the illustrator Jossot to the posters of May 68, his paintings remind us of the immediate and powerful force of these illustrations.

In this exhibition, the Floating Crew wishes to highlight Colarescu's work and his architectural interest in the workshops of the B2A agency.


Exhibition "Le Mythe de la proportion acoustique" w/Antonin Gerson & Camille Coléon

Opening on Friday, November 9th from 7pm to 9pm at 11 rue Lesage 75020.

The plastic work of Antonin Gerson and Camille Coléon, from a technical point of view, is mainly characterized by installations, sound devices and performances. The artist duo questions how to transmit and archive the creative process, the action, in a methodological way, inspired by the codes of the scientific method. Which can sometimes be used as a subject and/or reference.

The Exhibition "The Myth of Acoustic Proportionality" is an experimental research around the three orders of Vitruvian's treatise "De architectura".

Using a process that blends the archaeological research of acoustics with its architectural proportions, artists attract us through the quest for the myth of the search for lost sound.

The various works will be presented in three parts essential to the order of the treaty,

"Formitas" representing the perennial strength, "Utilitas" representing the useful as well as "Venustas" representing beauty.

Through schematics, installations and performance, the artists take us through sound memory, its transport and the different hypotheses of architectural representation as to their evolution over time.

the Floating Crew offers a free hand to the couple of artists in order to appropriate the B2A Workshop.


"The Beauty & The Beast"


The enchanting theme of The Beauty and The Beast sets up during the 18th century, it’s an occidental fantasy tale that appears first with Miss Villeneuve literary creation and will then be used by Miss Leprince de Beaumont."

It quickly gained popularity in occidental culture, thanks to its pioneering modernity. We’d like to address the larger and more contemporary stakes of the tale, beyond the popular story. 

How to transpose the human being’s myth and duality in opposition to what’s considered beautiful and ugly.

What are today’s necessity to go beyond appearances, are we able to rule on artistic aesthetics’ different aspects?

In order to appreciate contemporary art, the observer must indeed provide an hermeneutic effort appealing to its own cultural background. The work offers but the observer, on the
basis of its culture and critic skills, disposes: he proceeds to its own recreation.

Can ugliness also be a factor of beauty? Can beauty underline the despicable tone of a literary work?

Aren’t pieces of work the reflection of the artist’s duality in which the representation of its ideal combines with the audience’s critical eye? The pieces of work shown today invite us to" question the esthetic, it’s about going past the work’s appearances and to construct its own analysis.



This week end we was invited to exhibit 4 artists by the Meraki workshop in Paris for their first anniversary.


  • Antonin Gerson
  • Camille Tartakowski
  • Dzaizku
  • V2M





We just would like to give a big shout out to all the collectives and artists present during this awsome event.

Many thanks to Atelier Meraki & Merci Raymond 

And all the artists :

  • Santana
  • The Arts Factory Magazine
  • Magnüm
  • Morvilous, du groupe B.A.G.A.R.R.E
  • Théo Sutter
  • Margaux Desombre

 Link here : the photographs of the event by Julie Bigorre


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