"The Beauty & The Beast"


The enchanting theme of The Beauty and The Beast sets up during the 18th century, it’s an occidental fantasy tale that appears first with Miss Villeneuve literary creation and will then be used by Miss Leprince de Beaumont."

It quickly gained popularity in occidental culture, thanks to its pioneering modernity. We’d like to address the larger and more contemporary stakes of the tale, beyond the popular story. 

How to transpose the human being’s myth and duality in opposition to what’s considered beautiful and ugly.

What are today’s necessity to go beyond appearances, are we able to rule on artistic aesthetics’ different aspects?

In order to appreciate contemporary art, the observer must indeed provide an hermeneutic effort appealing to its own cultural background. The work offers but the observer, on the
basis of its culture and critic skills, disposes: he proceeds to its own recreation.

Can ugliness also be a factor of beauty? Can beauty underline the despicable tone of a literary work?

Aren’t pieces of work the reflection of the artist’s duality in which the representation of its ideal combines with the audience’s critical eye? The pieces of work shown today invite us to" question the esthetic, it’s about going past the work’s appearances and to construct its own analysis.


This week end we was invited to exhibit 4 artists by the Meraki workshop in Paris for their first anniversary.


  • Antonin Gerson
  • Camille Tartakowski
  • Dzaizku
  • V2M





We just would like to give a big shout out to all the collectives and artists present during this awsome event.

Many thanks to Atelier Meraki & Merci Raymond 

And all the artists :

  • Santana
  • The Arts Factory Magazine
  • Magnüm
  • Morvilous, du groupe B.A.G.A.R.R.E
  • Théo Sutter
  • Margaux Desombre

 Link here : the photographs of the event by Julie Bigorre


The Floating Gallery.

Congrats ! Zest goes Bucharest!

Toutes nos félicitations à TheQuestForZest, qui à été selectionné pour participer à la 14ème édition du salon international de la bijouterie contemporaine Autor qui aura lieu à la Sala Dalles, Bucharest (Roumanie) le 7. et 8. novembre 2015.

Le salon AUTOR est un évènement biannuel et le plus important salon dans le secteur de la bijouterie contemporaine en Europe de Sud-Est. Les exposant sont sélectionnés par un jury qui était constitué cette fois-ci par:

Doris Maninger – Director of Alchimia jewelry school in Florence, Lucia Massei – Director of Alchimia jewelry school in Florence, Ruudt Peters – Artist Professor Opere summer school in Netherlands, Paulo Ribeiro – Founder and Director of Joya Barcelona, Dan Piersinaru – Founder and Director of Autor.

The International Jewelry Fair AUTOR is the most important event in this field in South-Eastern Europe. The biannual event aims to create a dynamic environment with high selection standards. The participants to Autor are offered access to an exquisite and attractive clientele. Autor is an active platform that encourages and creates a dialogue between designers and their public: consumers, collectors, galleries, distributors, specialized media.