Jean Feline

A1 Finished nearly finished, Silverprint Gallery, London 2015

B (pitcairn blue) 2015 "Pitcairn Hall" London, UK

C (pitcairn house)



Trans-disciplinary artist, live/work in London (b.1989, France)

• Fine Art Fdn – Byam Shaw College of Art & Architecture (UAL) 2008
• BA Fine Art – Chelsea College of Art & Design (UAL) 2009-2012
• The Cooper Union (New York) 2011

2013/14 – Mint Collective Residency / Marrakech Biennale 5, Marrakech, Morocco

2015 "Pitcairn Hall" London, UK
2015 "finished, nearly finished" Silverprint Gallery, London, UK
2014 "Global Internet Talks" as Studio/Parlor, ArtLicks Festival, London, UK
2014 “BAB//DAR” as Mint Collective, Marrakech Biennale5, Marrakech, Morocco
2014 “No Mollaré Mai” as Studio/Parlor, MU Burgers, Milan, Italy
2013-2014 “Mint Collective Showcase I,II,III,IV,V” as part of the Residency project, Marrakech, Morocco
2013 “Southern Fried” as Studio/Parlor, East London Chicken Shop, London, UK
2013 “Plato’s Cave” Squatted Shop, London, UK
2012 “Multiplicity 2” 129Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012 “CABLES” London, UK
2012 “Bott’s Mews Xhbt” London, UK
2012 “Hide Away Festival” London, UK
2012 “Robi’s” as Studio/Parlor, Brick Lane Offlicense, London, UK
2012 “Chelsea Degree Show 2012” Chelsea College of Art & Design (UAL), London, UK
2012 “And you? What do you worship?” Crypt Gallery, London, UK
2012 “4D: Life Of The Mind” Stoke Newington Gallery, London, UK
2012 “Brittwinter” Umea, Sweden
2011 “Il Corpo Delle Donne” Spazio Laghetto Gallery, Milan, Italy
2011 “See You” The Cooper Union, NYC, USA
2011 “Stick It” Showpaper Gallery, NYC, USA
2011 “MELI MELO” The Gallery Redchurch Street, London, UK
2010 “Mind Your Head” Squat Exhibition, London, UK